The Short Film Series 7 playing at AMC LOEWS 34th Street on Saturday, October 20th at 1:30pm, includes the following films:

TWILIGHT ON THE LAKE by Saba Hasan (2’)
THE ESCAPE by Natalia Rivas (17’)
THE DEPOSITION by Matthieu Di Paolo (7′)
THE WRITE WAY  by Sekuleo Gathers (6′)
THOMAS by Laura Smet (13′)
THE LAST MAN YOU MEET by Chris Bone(4’)
SAPLING by Victor Guan & Zhen YU (2′)
IAN by Abel Goldfarb (9’)
CLUB RAT$ by Jeni Jones (10’)
TROPHY BOY by Emrhys Cooper (12′)
WHERE IT STOPS by Chelsea Lockie (13’)

Followed by Q&A with Filmmakers

AMC LOEWS 34th Street
312 W 34th St.
New York, NY 10001